Yarrow Leaf & Flower (Achillea millefolium)

Not every plant is credited with the awesome power to heal Achilles’ battle wounds on the spot. Yarrow is a living medicine chest in its own category. While it’s a gift to know many herbs, if you’re only going to know one, it might as well be yarrow. In your perusal of the many wonders of this herb, do let us know if there’s anything it does NOT do. Because otherwise we’ll remain convinced that it’s a feather-leaved, ivory-flowered one-stop-shop for all things good.

As for the dirt on why, how, and when to use this herb, it’s up to you to hit the books / browsers and do a little sleuthing of your own. We’ll be here for you if you need a hand – or an herb – to hold.

2 oz.

Certified Organic

Origin: Bulgaria




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