Witch Hazel Bark


Witch Hazel Bark (Hamamelis virginiana)

Born with a pucker so potent and a dryness so dry it’s enough to make a busy waterfall catch its breath, witch hazel has long reveled in the spotlight as the most astringent herb, well, ever. You thought that persimmon turned your mouth into a desert? Time to get to know the true witch hazel, the tree who claims first prize among witches at bringing it all together, whether that’s pores or people.

Do we sound like we’re beating around the berry bush? Wonder why we’re talking plant-personalities instead of what’s good for your aching back? We have to speak in riddles to comply with FDA guidelines. So open another browser – or even a BOOK! – to research physiological usage. We’ll be right here waiting with whatever herbal products you need!

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Origin: USA

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