Witch Camp Kit


Never go off to camp without your kit!  All kits start with a 2021 We'Moon Spiral Datebook, 4 Quartz Crystal Points, New Moon Candle, Full Moon Candle and a small Sage Smudge sourced from an organic farm in California.  

Build your own package from there:  add an abalone shell or fan for your cleansing rituals.  Decide on a tarot deck to either start or enhance your collection! Choose another type of smudge if you'd like! Add whichever items suit your needs.  

NOTE - you do not have to pick an item from each category, you can just leave them blank if you don't want an item from that category.  If you choose an item by mistake and wanted to leave that category blank, just refresh the page in your browser and start over.  Price listed is for the 5 items to start your package, price will increase with items added.



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