White Sage Smudge


White Ceremonial Sage Bundle (Salvia apiana)

When a plant has the word ‘ceremonial’ built into its very name, you know you’d better stand up straight and pay attention. Yes, you’re in the presence of an herbal giant, a true north on the medicine wheel. A keeper of time and space and a stalwart of the sacred. But there’s no pretension here. Sage is the people’s cleanser, happiest and most at home in the true ceremony of everyday rituals…tea cups, spiderwebs, corner offices, and breath in between the bustle.

Smudging with White Sage is an ancient way to purify oneself and the environment. Once lit, the sage may stay in a container or be moved about the space, while the plant spirits do their work to cleanse any unwanted energy.

Available in lengths of 8", 6", and 3".

This sage is organically grown from Sage Winds Farm in California. White Sage is now on the United Plant Saver's 'To-Watch' list due to overharvesting from the wild, as well as habitat destruction. In order to protect the wild populations of this sacred plant, we are encouraging people to only buy organically grown White Sage or local, non-endangered substitutes such as Cedar, Mugwort, Lavender, or Rosemary.

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