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White Rwandan Loose Leaf Tea


White tea is the lightest in flavor and color of all types of tea from the Camellia Sinensis plant. The leaves are hand-picked only in the morning when the buds are open, then lightly oxidized and carefully sun-dried. This process allows for the highest count of antioxidants with the least amount of machine processing.  It offers an earthy and fresh flavor, with floral notes. Low caffeine

Organic, Plastic-Free, Fair Trade Certified®Organic 

Origin: Rwanda

Can we just say how amazing this company is? 100% Fair Trade Certified to support the tea grower as much as the tea drinker.  All Tima's products are sourced with the highest regard for the people and environment. They specifically do not use tea bags because most bags contain a plastic carcinogen and also degrade the quality and flavor of the tea, and create more waste and depletion for our planet. The camellia sinensis plant is one that heals and energizes, and Rwanda provides the perfect growing climate. The business and cooperatives 3 Mountains partners with support 100,000 people!


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