Super Special Surprise Box


Looking for a surprise gift for a special someone?  We've got you covered!  These hand-picked care packages will blend a mix of practical (bath salts, soaps, teas) with the magical (crystals, smudges) and will spread joy everywhere they're delivered.

Buy a treat for yourself or someone special.  These make great care packages, birthday, or Mother's Day gifts.  If you feel guilty for not calling more during the pandemic, a Super Special Surprise Box will remind Mom that you still care (and for Pete's sake, call her already!).

The Big Love Box will let them know how much you care ($44.95).  The Bigger Love Box will do so with some extra love (and products, for $79.95).

The "Love You to the Moon and Back" option comes with the ability to hand-pick the items included in the box over the phone with one of our in-store helpers who will walk you through various options.  (But don't worry, we can choose for you as well if that's too much pressure!).  This extra magical option retails for $179.95.



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