Skullcap Farm Direct


Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora), certified biodynamic & organic.  

As it sounds, skullcap is the herbal equivalent of a wearing a protective helmet bestowed by a benevolent botanical / fairy godmother against the bumps and knocks of life. Scutellaria is no ordinary mint, though it is in the mint family. It’s the stuff of dreams, sweet and sound dreams – seriously. Thanks for the heads up, skullcap. Safety first!

As for the dirt on why, how, and when to use this herb, it’s up to you to hit the books / browsers and do a little sleuthing of your own. We’ll be here for you if you need a hand – or an herb – to hold.

1.5 oz

All of our farm direct herbs are certified USDA organic and sourced from one of three herbal farms we work with on the East coast located in either Vermont, Pennsylvania or North Carolina.

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