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Veriditas Organic Sandalwood Santalum spicatum from Australia:

Sandalwood essential oil has a deep, woody, spicy scent which has been revered and loved for thousands of years. The sandalwood is widely used as a base in perfumes and colognes and is an aphrodisiac. Australian sandalwood at Veriditas Botanicals is sustainable and is superior quality oil. This oil is regenerative for the skin and a powerful aid for bringing a balanced mind and opening the heart. Sandalwood is one of the best oils to use in combination with meditation and prayer to deepen intuition and balance. Sandalwood incense is burned world round and is used in sacred settings as well as for pleasure and joy of its aroma.

Sandalwood is used in the eczema treatment from Veriditas Botanicals line of Wellness formulas highlighting its skin healing properties. It is calming, soothing, regenerative, anti-inflammatory and balancing for the skin. Sandalwood centers the mind with its grounding woody presence bringing centered, calm, aware and contented mind. This is why sandalwood has been used in meditation for 4000 years or more. It deepens our intuitive wisdom by bringing peace and tranquility. It is good for balancing anxiety, mental fatigue, stress, nervous tension. Sandalwood is also supportive of strong immunity and can be employed to fight illness.

Sandalwood is non-toxic, non-irritant, and safe for all populations. Sandalwood has the longest shelf life of any essential oil and improves as it ages. Sandalwood like wine can be stored and vintage for one of the worlds finest scents. Aged sandalwood takes a robust royal aroma which unfurls and reveals its legendary fragrance. It is used as a base to fix perfumes or can be used individually as an enjoyable fragrance. In India the traditional perfumes are called attars and are all infused into a base of sandalwood oil making sandalwood indispensable for these exotic treasures.

There are several species of sandalwood available in the market place today these are: Santalum austrocaledonica from India, Santalum album from India, santalum paniculatum from Hawaii, santalum spicatum from Australia. At Veriditas Botanicals we offer an amazing certified organic sandalwood Santalum spicatum sustainably made in Australia. Sandalwood is a very slow growing tree taking 25 to 35 years to reach maturity. This slow growth cannot keep up with the demand for sandalwood around the world and has led to many of these sandalwood trees becoming endangered or threatened. It is very important to know the source of your sandalwood in order to avoid cut, adulterated or illegally harvested sandalwood. You can always be sure that Veriditas Botanicals has all the best sustainable and organic essential oils.

Sandalwood has a profound and sacred place in history and religion. In China present and ancient the sandalwood incense is used at funerals and to honor the ancestors. In Asia it was used as incense, oil, and paste in ceremonial traditions throughout Asias diverse spiritual landscape. Hindu, holy people in India extensively use a yellow sandalwood paste is applied to the center of the forehead in religious gatherings and also as a way of greeting guests and family into the home. The incense is burned in large amounts at funerals and weddings in a sacred fire. It has been used in cosmetics, perfumes, ceremony and meditation. Throughout Indian history sandalwood has been used medically for the respiratory, urinary infection and revitalization of the skin. Sandalwood is considered to be sacred by many groups and is used in worship to evoke an auspicious atmosphere.

Sandalwood is perfect for bringing in grounded, rich woody tones to your essential oil blends and synergies. It blends well with everything under the sun however its value and depth of character make it ideal of combining with your favorite florals like jasmine, rose, lavender, neroli, rose geranium, chamomile, helichrysum, clary sage and ylang ylang. It can bring a woody aroma in tree oil blends perfect for those who need connection to the forests or for men looking for an earthy sophisticated scent. Examples of tree oils include Douglas fir, Scotch pine, cypress, cedar, frankincense, myrrh. It blends well with bright citrus and mint oils also especially with bergamot, grapefruit, sweet orange, peppermint, wintergreen, eucalyptus. In blending the sandalwood is right at home amongst other earthy roots and herbs such as vetiver, cocoa, vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, carrot seed, patchouli, palmarosa sage and more. Sandalwood blends well with almost anything and in the quest for essential oil blends and perfumes sandalwood cannot be overlooked nor overstated.

In Ayurveda sandalwood is sattvic meaning its brings balance in a gentle and wholesome way. It is for balancing excess pitta especially in the skin and mind and reduces excessive thoughts as in the case of excess vata.


Aphrodisiac blend:

10 drops sandalwood

5 drops rose perfume

5 drops cocoa perfume

2 drop vanilla

2 drops bergamot

In _ ounce unscented carrier oil like marula, jojoba. Rosehip seed oil can also be used as it will add a rosy scent which blends well with the synergy above.

Meditation blend:

10 drops sandalwood

5 drops frankincense

5 drops lavender

Blend in _ ounce carrier oil and set near your meditation space or carry it with you through the day. The oils in this blend all help bring contentment and calm the body and mind reducing and dispelling stress. These oils also smell amazing and can help bring you deeper into the oceans of peace.

Woody Blend:

10 drops sandalwood

5 drops Douglas fir

3 drops vetiver

2 drops clove

It has a balanced earthy scent which is an aromatic treat for men and women as a perfume, cologne and for its grounding, balancing effects.

Due to the preciousness and price of Sandalwood, Australian essential oil, this 5 ml standard bottle contains 2 ml as noted on the label.

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