Samhain Ritual Perfume


An anointing oil infused with Samhain bonfire smoke, a mysterious, unusual scent. All Hallow's Eve bonfire smoke captured through the ancient perfuming art of enfleurage is used as a base in this autumn inspired scent. This mystical green perfume potion has a smoky and complex base, with a heart of decadent fall fruits, overlaid with a spicy, crisp top note accord.

One dram vial of perfume, pump vial, and pipette.  Use straight from the bottle, or use the pipette to transfer into the pump vial to use as a spray.

This is a botanical perfume that has been created using only real plant extracts. Botanical perfume interacts with the wearer in a sensual way. It is a living essence that melds with your own body chemistry and needs to be reapplied every two to four hours, imparting a ritual and ceremonial approach to the act of wearing perfume. Over time, each layer of scent quietly reveals itself, creating an ever changing olfactory palate for your pleasure. It is natural that there may be sediment in your perfume and it is appropriate to shake before applying. The scent will mature and deepen in the bottle over time. Please do not store in sunlight or high heat.

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