Basil Linalol EO 5ml

Basil ct linalol Ocimum basilicumOrigin: NepalSize: 5ml Basil essential oil is sweet, spicy and herbal. Made by the steam-distillation of the herb’s aromatic leaves, this essential oil...

Black Pepper EO 2 ml

Black Pepper Piper nigrum Size: 2ml. About: With its hot and earthy scent, Black Pepper is the world’s most popular culinary spice. Black peppercorns, from which the essential oil is...

Black Spruce EO 5ml

Black Spruce Picea marianaOrigin: Canada Size: 5ml Native to Canada, Black Spruce trees produce an essential oil with a beautiful, fresh aroma that is sweet, crisp and woodsy. Reminiscent of...

Bug Bite Eraser EO Roll-on - 8ml

Bug Bite Eraser Roll-on 8ml roll-on Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Clove After an insect bite, use this direct application roll-on to soothe itchy, irritated skin. Prepared for Direct...

Bug Repellent Concentrate EO - 5ml

Add 40-70 drops of concentrate to a 4 oz. spray bottle of water. Shake well and apply often. Or mix 4 drops per tablespoon of lotion and apply as needed. Works for dogs, too! Contains: Organic...
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Calendula Co2 EO
Calendula Co2 EO

Calendula Co2 EO

Calendula Co2 Calendula officinalisOrigin: EgyptSize: 2ml Synonyms: Marigold flowers About: Calendula, better known as the marigold flower, has been used by herbalists for thousands of...

Cardamom EO 2ml

Cardamom Elettaria cardamomumOrigin: Sri LankaSize: 2ml. Cardamom essential oil’s aroma  is joyful, fresh and clean with a spicy finish – a scent that is easily recognizable...

Carrot Seed EO 2ml

Carrot Seed Daucus carotaOrigin: FranceSize: 2ml. Carrot Seed essential oil has a potent, warm, woody, carrot-like aroma that can be found in fine perfumes throughout France and that is used...

Cedarwood, Atlas EO 5ml

Cedarwood, Atlas Cedrus atlanticaOrigin: MoroccoSize: 5ml About: Atlas Cedarwood is a beautiful evergreen tree from the mountains of Morocco. It stands tall in the conifer forest...

Chamomile, German EO 2ml

Chamomile, German Matricaria recutitaOrigin: BulgariaSize: 2ml German Chamomile essential oil has a royal blue color and a sweet, calming, floral aroma. The herb has an exhaustive amount of...

Chamomile, Roman EO 2ml

Chamomile, Roman Anthemis nobilisOrigin: FranceSize: 2ml. Roman Chamomile flowers have been used for over 3000 years as a medicinal herb throughout the Mediterranean and now worldwide. The herb...

Cinnamon Leaf EO 5ml

Cinnamon Bark Cinnamomum zeylanicumOrigin: MadagascarSize: 2ml. Cinnamon Bark essential oil has a warm, spicy-sweet scent. Historically, Cinnamon Bark was used as purifying incense in religious...
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Citronella EO 5ml
Citronella EO 5ml

Citronella EO 5ml

Citronella Cymbopogon nardus Origin: VietnamSize: 5ml Citronella has a tart, lemony aroma with bright astringent middle-top notes. The plant is a tall grass with light green blades that are...

Clary Sage EO 5ml

Clary Sage Essential Oil Salvia sclarea 5ml Ingredients: 100% pure organic Clary Sage essential oil Origin: France Essential oils are precious and potent. Use sparingly, dilute if necessary...

Coffee EO 5ml

Coffee Coffea arabica Origin: ItalySize: 5ml Extraction: Organic CO2 extraction The unmistakable rich, bitter smell of roasted Italian coffee beans concentrated in a tiny bottle...

Cypress EO 5ml

Cypress Cupressus sempervirensOrigin: FranceSize: 5ml Cypress essential oil is light, clear and refreshing with a woody-pine aroma. Beautiful in a diffuser, it clears the air with its natural...
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