Pine, Scotch EO 5ml


Pine Wild Scotch (Pinus sylvestris) France:

Wild Scotch pine has a long history of use for its healing, purifying and antimicrobial properties. Pine has a woody, piney, balsamic smell of pristine ancient forests. This beautiful natural scent of the pine is due to the essential oil which is contained primarily in its needles. In an aromatherapy it exudes a refreshing, stimulating inviting aroma which brings vitality to the body and cleanses the air. This essential oil is commonly used for its decongestant, revitalizing and antiseptic, antiviral properties. Scotch pine is very helpful for respiratory health and has been used to improve the lives of people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, cough, sinus infections, sore throats and allergies. Interestingly, the bronchial passages of the lungs resemble branches and needles of a conifer tree. This symmetry is no coincidence as the pine and other conifers like cypress, Douglas fir and juniper help the lungs and respiratory system. This is the case when we are in a conifer forest or using an essential oil like Scotch pine. I like this essential oil for a running nose because it has an astringent feeling in the sinuses which dries up excessive discharge.

Scotch pine is also supportive for muscular health and circulation. It is good for muscular aches, arthritis, and joint pain when applied topically to the affected areas. It increases blood circulation to lessen stagnation and pains in the areas to which it’s applied. Pine can lessen mental fatigue and depression and help to relieve lymphatic congestion. The lymphatic system is the primary body system for immunity.

Historically this healing tree was used by ancient Egyptians and Greeks for religious ceremony and purification as incense. The Native Americans would use this to repel lice and fleas. Currently it’s used in soaps, cosmetics, spas and in some foods and drinks.

Scotch pine is high in monoterpenes making it safe for the elderly and children. It is mild and safe of the skin, helps immunity, and anti-microbial.

It blends well with bergamot, clary sage, cypress, Douglas fir, lavender, rosemary, tea tree, juniper, lemon, eucalyptus, frankincense, peppermint, ravensara, sandalwood, thyme.

In Ayurveda Scotch pine is valuable for the spring months because it gently lowers excess kapha. Kapha is the elemental quality of spring time as it is damp, wet and heavy in nature, this leads to congestion, lethargy and coughs. Scots pine has light, dry properties which lighten the weight of kapha reducing fatigue, lethargy and drying up congestion in the body and the mind.

Tradition Chinese medicine uses Scotch pine to boost the wei chi also known as our immunity. It is a tonic for the lungs and respiratory system. It is ideally suited for spring as it balances wind, heat and cold and expels phlegm. It also dispels negative outlook and uplifts the spirits.

Respiratory Blend with Scotch Pine:

10 drops Scotch Pine

10 drops Cypress

5 drops Rosemary cineol

10 drops Lemon

In a small bottle to be applied as a vapor run to the chest, upper back and/or near the nose.

Forest Fresh diffuser blend for cleaning the air:

2 drops Pine

2 drops Cypress

1 drop Douglas fir

3 drops Eucalyptus Globulus

Add these oils to the water in an aromatherapy mist diffuser.

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