Parsley Leaf


Parsley Leaf (Petroselinum crispum)

Contrary to Captain Jack Sparrow’s words, parsley has nothing to do with parsnips or parlay but it does have everything to do with parsing out the good and the bad. While you might be most familiar with the parsley shoved to the edge of your plate as a garnish, parsley in fact is known as the great middle man or neutralizer. When things get extreme, put parsley front and center because a parsley party is just what you want.

Do we sound like we’re beating around the berry bush? Wonder why we’re talking plant-personalities instead of what’s good for your aching back? We have to speak in riddles to comply with FDA guidelines. So open another browser – or even a BOOK! – to research physiological usage. We’ll be right here waiting with whatever herbal products you need!


Certified Organic

Origin: Israel



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