Niaouli EO 5ml


Niaouli ct 1,8 Cineole

Melaleuca viridiflora
Origin: Madagascar
Size: 5ml

Niaouli’s scent is cooling, clearing, and camphorous with an earthy undertone. The distillation of the leaves produces the essential oil. Niaouli is related to Tea Tree and its properties are similar. Niaouli, however, is gentle on the skin. Well-known for cleansing and immune support, Niaouli can be applied to yellowed nails, itchy feet, and blemishes. Diffuse to clear and cleanse air and add it to soaps and household cleaners to naturally clean skin and surfaces.

Common Uses: Niaouli essential oil can support the immune system during flu and cold season, promote clear lungs and sinuses, help maintain calm and clear skin, and support balanced bacteria on nails and feet. For these purposes the oil can be added to diffusers, vapor rubs, and skin care formulas. For occasional blemishes, mix 1 drop Niaouli and 1 drop Lavender and apply to area of concern.

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