Mimulus Flower Essence



Mimulus guttatus


Method of extractions: Sun


Fear of worldly things, illness, pain, accidents, poverty, of dark, of being alone, of misfortune. The fears of everyday life. These people quietly and secretly bear their dread, they do not speak freely of it to others. [Bach: Twelve Healers and Other Remedies 1936]

State of Being:

To combat all fear. Fear of disease, of accidents, of unknown things. Fear of people, of relatives, of strangers, of crowds, of noise, of talking or of being questioned, of being alone. Fear of damp, of cold, of heat, of the dark. Fear of complications in illness, or of being incurable. [Bach]

Group: The First Twelve Essences

Emotional Group: Fear

Personality: Nervous fear

Virtue: Sympathy

Failing: Fearful


0.25 fluid ounces in a dark glass dropper bottle.


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