Lemon Balm Farm Direct


Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)

Lemon balm is a glass half full kind of herb if ever there was one. Her other name is Melissa, but we’ve heard that she also answers to ‘Hey, girlfriend!’ or just ‘Mel!’ or even ‘What’s up, Bee?’, a reference to her name meaning bumblebee in ancient Greek. For both the sour of heart and the sweet of spirit, lemon balm walks a dainty tightrope: she’s equal parts sweet-tart and both fair and foul weather friend for all those in need of a moodlift or a chin-up.

As for the dirt on why, how, and when to use this herb, it’s up to you to hit the books / browsers and do a little sleuthing of your own. We’ll be here for you if you need a hand – or an herb – to hold.

2 oz

All of our farm direct herbs are certified USDA organic and sourced from one of the three herbal farms we work with on the East coast located in either Vermont, Pennsylvania or North Carolina.

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