Kitchen Witch's Online Workshop

Kitchen Witch's Workshop

The Kitchen Witch’s Workshop will teach you everything you need to turn your kitchen into an apothecary.

Start here! Curious about crafting with herbs and essential oils? This online workshop will get you started with easy to follow lessons covering everything from tea to syrup to salve. Most importantly this course walks you through a unique step by step process so you’ll feel completely comfortable adding herbs and herbal remedies to your repertoire in the future.

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Deep Magic Retreats & Travel

Deep Magic Retreats

Deep Magic Retreats are the place to experience sacred space and immerse yourself in the mystery of the earth's medicine.

Deep Magic is time away from the stressors of daily life so you can kindle the quiet spark of the divine within yourself. We’ll meet in one of the world’s power spots where you’ll nurture your connection to the sacred, to the peace of your inner-knowing, and to the earth herself. When you join a Deep Magic Retreat you have a chance to learn the language of nature and magic, a language rooted in your bones and reflected by the stars, so you can return home ready to weave moonlight into your modern life.

Asheville   Ireland

The Night School Community


Study the mysteries, myths, and magic of being human.

The Night School Community is an online membership group where I give you the keys to unlocking your sacred self. Discover how to create a personal spirituality within which you can flourish through life’s ups and downs while at the same time connecting with the deep support of kindred spirits from across the globe. In The Night School, we’re grounding ourselves in the ancient mysteries so we can thrive in the modern world.

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