Lavender Flowers


Lavender Flowers (Lavandula angustifolia)

There are as many reasons that lavender is the gateway to the herbal world as there are varieties of lavender, and each smells better than the last. But don’t restrict your perception of lavender to your mother’s sock-drawer sachet. Let lavender be all things lovely, loose, and lux. Let lavender out of the bedroom and into the kitchen, into your air and your tea cup and your chocolate stash. But save a little for under your pillow and on your nightstand, too. She’s a classic for a reason!

Do we sound like we’re beating around the berry bush? Wonder why we’re talking plant-personalities instead of what’s good for your aching back? We have to speak in riddles to comply with FDA guidelines. So open another browser – or even a BOOK! – to research physiological usage. We’ll be right here waiting with whatever herbal products you need!

Certified Organic.

Available in sizes of 2 oz.  4 oz. & 1 lb.

Origin: France



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