In-Peach-Mint Tea


It’s long past time you tried In Peach Mint.  It’s the flavor of justice that will satisfy your thirst, no matter what state of health or constitution you’re in

We did our best to take some fine organic white tea and let it collude with the peaches and mint to create a bold, yet redacted flavor.  While peach and mint dominate your taste buds in the first sip, don’t ignore the undertones of revenge and righteousness that will linger long after that initial taste is gone.

 The verdict is in: nothing reported in this tea will obstruct your senses from truly enjoying this guilty pleasure.


Contects: 2oz of tea plus 8oz of opinions

Ingredients: Shu Mee White Tea, Peach flavor, and Spearmint. All certified organic, because we believe in that. 

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