Ginger Root


Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale) 

One of those classic kitchen herbs that becomes the gateway to more witchy herbal concoctions, versatile ginger is the beginning of all things spicy and warming. Though zingiber is quite tropical, it is a plant of such perfection that its fire has spread all over the world into the kitchens, medicine baskets, and glove-boxes (carsickness, anyone?) of ginger-enthusiasts planet-wide. Have you ever noticed that ginger likes the front-and-center spotlight better than the side-of-the-sushi-platter stance?

Do we sound like we’re beating around the berry bush? Wonder why we’re talking plant-personalities instead of what’s good for your aching back? We have to speak in riddles to comply with FDA guidelines. So open another browser – or even a BOOK! – to research physiological usage. We’ll be right here waiting with whatever herbal products you need!

4 oz or 6 oz.

Certified Organic

Origin: China

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