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Fraser Fir EO


"Christmas Tree in a bottle, literally! Steam-distilled from whole discarded Fraser Fir Christmas trees grown in Western North Carolina. This smells so much like a fresh cut tree that people look for a tree when they walk in your house. Fresh green balsamic top notes with a mild sweetness and a beautiful earthy forest undertone.

Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri), also known locally as the “She Balsam,” is a Western North Carolina native species, a relic from the last ice age’s southern Boreal forest, stranded on isolated sub-alpine mountain tops. It is one of the most common species used for Christmas trees and the majority of the Christmas trees that have graced the White House have been Fraser Firs from Western North Carolina.

Cultivation styles vary by grower from certified Organic to traditional. Batches AF-001 through AF-003 came from 24 individual discarded Christmas trees + trimmings collected in Asheville.

We have had this 100% Fraser Fir essential oil analyzed with GC-FID by a third party lab specializing in essential oils and it has been declared free of adulterants, contaminants or diluents." -

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