Ritual Botanica

Exquisite Skin


Exquisite Skin is natural facial care at it's finest. 100% botanical ingredients, no need for preservatives. Rejuvenator, cleanser, toner, healer in one. Simply spray skin and let be.

Steam distilled in small batches.

Contains Hydrosols of: 
Turmeric- Anti-inflammatory, specific for skin irritations and acne.
Tea Leaf - Toner with tannins and caffeine
Yarrow - antiseptic
Comfrey - skin vulnerary 
Chamomile - Anti-inflammatory 

Characteristics: an aroma of damp woodlands. anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, toner, rejuvenator & regenorator, calming, nourishing, hydrating, 

amber bottle 2oz with fine mister spray.

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