Elderberry & Honey Tonic

Elderberry & Honey Tonic is infused with 12 herbs, roots, and spices!
Elderberry celebrates the seasons, telling stories of winters past and springs yet to come. Her syrup has been used in folk tradition for hundreds of years, with recipes for elderberry concoctions dating as far back as Ancient Egypt. We’ve surpassed these traditional potions, adding supporting herbs and roots to round out Elderberry’s potential. Enjoy our elixir straight up like a shot (cheers!), tossed on yogurt, added to tea or coffee, or in your favorite drink as a mixer. For seasonal support: Enjoy 1 tbsp (15ml) daily, or every three hours as desired.


Size: 17fl oz


Ingredients: Filtered Water, Black Elderberries (Sambucus Nigra), Raw Unfiltered Honey**, Turmeric Root, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Ginger Root*, Rosehips*, Hibiscus*, Cloves*, Elderflower*, Astragalus Root*, Garlic*, Echinacea*, Black Peppercorns*, Lemon Juice *Organic ingredients **


Honey is Not Recommended for Children Under One Year Directions: Store in a cool dry place until opened. Shake well before using. Keep refrigerated and use within 2 months of opening.


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