Dong Quai Root


Dong Quai Root (Angelica sinensis)

A much-revered bittersweet root in Chinese medicine for a cool 2000 years, dong quai (or ‘female ginseng’, depending on who’s talking) is a bony-looking relative of the carrot. While on the subject of bones, this white-knuckled root looks remarkably similar to the bony aspects of the body for which it has an affinity. It doesn’t take an archaeologist to dig up a striking skeletal resemblance here between plants and people, just an observer willing to bend to the medicine of bones, those roots of the people.

As for the dirt on why, how, and when to use this herb, it’s up to you to hit the books / browsers and do a little sleuthing of your own. We’ll be here for you if you need a hand – or an herb – to hold.

3 oz.

Certified Organic

Origin: China



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