Divination Kit


A gentle divination kit to help get your ritual started and intuition flowing! Each kit contains a journal and a dream balm, and your choice of divination cards, crystals, and smudge sticks. Choose either a classic herbal Tarot deck or one of Maia's books, a Royal Brazilian Amethyst point or a Fancy Clear Quartz point, and an organically grown White Sage smudge from California or locally wild-crafted Mugwort or Cedar. Not sure where to get started, or need some new inspiration? You can't go wrong with any of these options!

(1st option pictured: Journal and Dream balm, + The Illustrated Herbiary + White Sage + Fancy Clear Quartz Point)

(2nd option pictured: Journal and Dream balm, + Herbal Tarot + Mugwort smudge + Royal Brazilian Amethyst)

Depending on selection, price ranges from $43.20-46.20.

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