Dandelion Leaf Farm Direct


Dandelion Leaf (Taraxacum officinale)

Deserving of many titles but only widely known by one (‘Weed!’), dandelion is one of the most generous plants on earth and so much more than the poster child for the anti-lawn. Every day of the year, on every continent, dandelion offers her root, leaf, and/or flower at your service. But dandelion is not all humble pie. In French, she is literally ‘dent de lion’, or ‘lion’s tooth’, and just as fierce, persevering, and noisy as she sounds, protecting her earth with neon yellow blooms that say, “Come closer! I don’t bite. I fight…for your right to liver health!” Into the jaws of this loving lion you go. Even better, this herb comes from an organic farm in Vermont run by fellow plant-loving people.

We’d love to keep on telling you more about this beautiful herb, but thanks to FDA guidelines, our lips are sealed. Fortunately, there’s more information out there than we could ever summarize, so pick your sources wisely and go explore! 

2 oz

All of our farm direct herbs are certified USDA organic and sourced from one of three herbal farms we work with on the East coast located in either Vermont, Pennsylvania or North Carolina.


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