Rose Otto EO 1ml


Vendor Veriditas

By Melissa Farris, founder of Veriditas Botanicals.

Rose Otto has been used for its healing and beautifying properties since the age of Cleopatra, Veriditas offers true organic Rose Otto essential oil. Most Rose essential oils on the market contain additives and artificial fragrance or are completely synthetic. Our Rose Otto has a clean, fresh, and delicate scent-not at all like Gran's perfume. Apply in dilution to face and skin for imporved circulation, firm and even skin tone, and to minimize pores, lines, and wrinkles. The oil is non-irritating and very effective at breaking down scar or damaged tissue and encouraging new cell growth. Note: The oil's natural waxes harden at lower temperatures; simply warm in pocket or between hands to liquefy before use.

Suggested uses:
Add a drop to Rosehip Seed Oil or facial moisturizer and massage into skin.
Massage a drop into your wrist to lift your mood and enjoy the scent throughout the day.
Do as the Parisians do, and add one drop to a glass of champagne!

*Due to the preciousness and price of Rose Otto essential oil, this 5 ml standard bottle contains 1 ml as noted on the label.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.