Codonopsis Root


Codonopsis Root (Codonopsis pilosula)

Calling it by its pet name of ‘poor man’s ginseng’ is cute but doesn’t do the rightfully unique characteristics of bell-flowered codonopsis near enough justice. This hairy, viney perennial is of Asian descent but has made a name for itself worldwide as a sort of extra battery pack for tired humans. Doesn’t that sound like just the thing? Dare we ask, does it ring your bell?

Do we sound like we’re beating around the berry bush? Wonder why we’re talking plant-personalities instead of what’s good for your aching back? We have to speak in riddles to comply with FDA guidelines. So open another browser – or even a BOOK! – to research physiological usage. We’ll be right here waiting with whatever herbal products you need!

2 oz

Certified Organic

Origin: China




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