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Cleansing Grains Clarifying Chick Pea


Nourishing, protein-rich, anti-bacterial and healing, our Chick Pea Cleanser & Mask is astringent without being drying. Very deep cleansing, it leaves skin with a smooth, wonderful texture. High concentrations of lavender, orange and tea tree essential oils help heal and minimize breakouts.

This is a dry powder concentrate. Use daily with water for cleansing, or several times weekly mix with water or yogurt (soy or dairy), sour cream, buttermilk, Sensuous Beauty Honey Cleanser or any of our other masks or cleansers to create an extra deep cleansing mask.

Due to its slightly grainy texture, this product is not appropriate for extremely sensitive skin. For normal, combination, oily or blemished skin types.

3.3 wt. oz.

Ingredients: Freshly milled organic chick pea flour and pure essential oils of lavender, orange and tea tree.

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