Clary Sage EO 5ml


Clary Sage

Salvia sclarea
Origin: France
Size: 5ml

Clary Sage is an herbaceous perennial that produces small pink and white or purple flowers with a green, floral aroma that is transferred to the essential oil. Calming and balancing, Clary Sage may promote relaxation and healthy stress-response, and is useful for supporting women’s reproductive health and a balanced emotional state. For respiratory support and to promote calm and relaxation, place a drop of clary sage on the palm of the hand and, after rubbing the hands together vigorously, bring the hands in front of the face and inhale the scent with 3-5 deep breaths.  The benefits of Clary Sage essential oil can also be enjoyed in diffusers, perfumes, lotions, massage oils, salves and deodorants.

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