Cistus EO 2ml

Cistus Bt Melissa Farris, founder of Veriditas Botanicals.

(Cistus ladaniferus):

Cistus, also known as Labdanum is a species of Rock Rose and has an aroma unlike any other essential oil. The smell is lightly woody, resinous with subtle soft amber tones which are a bit spicy and balsamic. Cistus is used in baths, massage oils, perfumes and skin care. Often used as a fixative in Men’s colognes expanding the effect of woody resinous aromas fixing them so that they linger seductively on the skin. Cistus essential oil has an astringent, antiseptic and toning effect on the skin. This oil is deeply calming for the nervous system and can promote good sleep. Cistus is a very powerful oil which has noticeable effects on our state of mind and can be dizzying when a strong dose is directly inhaled; it should be used diluted. Cistus should not be used during pregnancy and is best avoided when breast feeding.

Cistus is used therapeutically to benefit the skin and is in the Rose Regenerative Facial Oil. It increases circulation, aids in lymphatic drainage and can reduce pain making Cistus perfect for massage oils. It is antiseptic and is used to clean wounds, remove acne, sooths dermatitis, psoriasis and boils. It is very toning making it great for wrinkle reduction especially if combined with frankincense hydrosol and Frankincense essential oil. Cistus is perfectly suited for mature skin and for removing sun damage.

Cistus has a powerful effect on the emotions and promotes good moods, bliss ,and increasing the sex drive. This oil is ideal as an aid to overcome fear, anxiety, and to enhance the process of cleansing the mind of our psychological wounds. It deepens prayer, meditation, shamanic journey and visualization. Cistus is one of the best oils for expanding awareness and intuition.

Cistus is native to Spain and Greece and has the longest tradition of agricultural and therapeutic use in these countries. Today is can be grown in gardens throughout the world especially in Spain, Portugal, Sicily, France (Corsica), Greece, Algeria and Morocco. In the past the resin from the Rock Rose would collect on the coats and beards of sheep and would be collected by the shepherds. Today this wonderfully unique essential oil is made by collecting the leaves and twigs which are boiled to separate the resin; the resin is then distilled to separate the essential oil. The essential oil is yellow to orange in color and is not viscous but has a powerful scent. Cistus absolute also can be made from the resin using solvent extraction.

Facial serum: 3 ml (60 drops) Rose hip seed oil 5 drops Cistus 15 drops Frankincense 10 drops Helichrysum 3 drops Roman Chamomile

Blend in a 5 ml bottle. For best results use a gentle cleanser on the face then apply a hydrosol; Rose, Helichrysum or Lavender are wonderful options, then apply the facial serum followed by a natural moisturizer.

Cologne: 5 drops Cistus 10 drops Bergamot 10 drops Frankincense 15 drops Sandalwood 10 drops Douglas Fir Mix in a 5 ml bottle top off with 2 ml jojoba oil or other scentless carrier oil.

Meditation and Intuition Blend: 15 drops Sandalwood 7 drops Cistus 10 drops Clary Sage 4 drops Rose Otto or Rose Absolute Combine and inhale deeply before meditation or healing bodywork.

**Due to the preciousness and price of Cistus essential oil, this 5 ml standard bottle contains 2 ml as noted on the label.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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