Cinnamon Bark EO 2ml


Cinnamon Bark

Cinnamomum zeylanicum
Origin: Madagascar
Size: 2ml.

Cinnamon Bark essential oil has a warm, spicy-sweet scent. Historically, Cinnamon Bark was used as purifying incense in religious worship throughout Africa, Asia and Europe and was one of the earliest transcontinental exports. Cinnamon was also used in teas, herbal oils, compresses and baths for a wide variety of traditional herbal remedies, many of which are still used today. Cinnamon Bark should always be diluted in a carrier oil and is not recommended for pregnant women or for children under 5 years unless lightly diffused.

Cinnamon Bark can be found in cleaning products, air fresheners, reed diffusers, potpourri, food flavoring, cologne, and perfume. Cinnamon Bark essential oil is beautiful lightly diffused with clove and sweet orange for the perfect winter scent to purifying air. When diffusing, only use in very small amounts.

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