Calendula Farm Direct


1.5 oz dried Calendula (Calendula officinalis) flowers.

Who knew that the innocent-looking marigold in the pot was such a sticky-sweet balm for the skin, soul, and scarring that come inherent with both? The ancients did, that’s who. We modern folks with abundant access to this gentle sunshiny blossom should not take this wisdom lightly. Calendula, a marriage between marigold and gold itself, is so sweet a miracle-worker that you might not even notice her doing what she does best: weaving a plant web for human healing.

Looking for more info? These herbs work so well that if we told you about them we couldn’t sell them to you (seriously, US laws are that crazy: we can teach or we can sell but not both!). Luckily Grandmother Google knows all.

All of our farm direct herbs are certified USDA organic and sourced from one of the three herbal farms we work with on the East coast located in either Vermont, Pennsylvania or North Carolina.

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