Bard's Tempest Loose Leaf Tea

Bard's Tempest A potent English Breakfast type blend with Ceylon and Chinese Black Tea Certified Organic What happens when the maturity of high culture partners with the excitement of an emerging...
$12.00 - $29.00

Berry Blueberry Loose Leaf Tea

Berry Blueberry Tea - Caffeine Free! Berry Blueberry for the Violet Beauregarde lurking in us all, SerendipiTea created this one to satisfy our Berry Blueberry cravings. Fear not, there will be no...

Black Assam Loose Leaf tea

Assam Tea from the Banaspathy Estate Origin: India Certified Organic This GBOP leaf from Banaspathy Estate is more robust and heartier than the FOP grade. Possessing all the characteristics of tea...

Dark Chocolatea

Chocolate and Cream Black Tea Made with natural and organic ingredients. Dark & sultry ~ Cocoa powder & dark chocolate bits paired with a deeply oxidized Oolong tempts the addition of honey...

Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

Classic Earl Grey from Thiashola Estate Origin: India Certified Organic The traditional citrus beverage enjoyed by millions around the world. Our version is perfectly balanced & smooth. A...
$12.00 - $30.00
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Green Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea

Green Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea

Ceylon Green Tea from the Radella Estate Origin: Sri Lanka Certified Organic Radella Estate, renowned for producing the finest green teas in Sri Lanka, is located at elevations spanning 4,500 to...

Green Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea

Darjeeling Green Tea from the Singell Estate Origin: India Certified Organic A grassy, refreshing green tea from an estate practicing Organic & BioDynamic farming. The result, thanks to such...
$12.00 - $32.00

Green Jasmine Pearls Loose Leaf Tea

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Origin: China Certified Organic Astonishing! The top two leaves & bud that have undergone the Yin Hao process of jasmine scenting are rolled into small pearls...

Mandela Masala Loose Leaf Tea

Mandela Masala Chai - Caffeine Free! Certified Organic Warm, spicy & caffeine-free, this blend makes a fabulous Chai - prepare as you would traditional might not taste any...
$12.00 - $30.00


Blood-cleansing properties of chlorophyll mix with a mighty green punch of antioxidants in this Matcha.  Otherwise known as Japanese green tea, matcha leaves are shade-grown 20 or 30 days before...

Puerh Golden Tip Loose Leaf Tea

Puerh Golden Tip tea from the Yunnan Provence Origin: China Certified Organic An earthy, distinct aroma with a taste that reminds you from where life stems. This truly Black (Cooked) Tea is often...

Secret Garden Loose Leaf Tea

Secret Garden Herbal Tea - Caffeine Free! Certified Organic Escape for a short while to a secret place for which you alone hold the key. From earthy Rooibos a floral bounty emerges topped with a...

ssSpicy Loose Leaf Tea

SSSpicy Chai blend - Caffeine Free! Certified Organic Strong, spicily aromatic notes with a touch of sweetness. An invigorating & warming experience. Enjoy as it is completely caffeine...
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