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Astragalus Echinacea Compound

Let the tingle begin.  This powerhouse of a blend with echinacea and astragalus supports healthy immune function.  Both herbs moderate the immune system, rather than boosting it, so that...
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Cordyceps Extract

Cordyceps Extract

Who knew that fungus growing on top of caterpillars in China would become such potent medicine?  Nature always has a way to make us laugh and revel in the mystery of it all.  Cordyceps, a...

Daily Adapt

Adaptogens galore make this a powerhouse of a blend to help relieve stress and nourish the whole body.  It contains the following adaptogens: Eleuthero root (Eleutherococcus senticosus), Oat...

Healthy Kids Support Kit

An alcohol-free Children's wellness extract all-in-one hand kit which includes 1 oz bottles of David Winston's famous formulas: * Healthy Kids Compound to support your child's immune function...

Healthy Kids's Compound

Hip hip hooray!  Kids get a immune system support too with David Winston's Healthy Kids Compound.  The alcohol free extraction makes it particularly accessible.  It even has orange...

Immune Balance Compound

To Balance Immune Function* Our immune systems are like fortresses against invaders.  They keep out entities with harmful intentions.  This Immune Balance Compound by Herbalist &...
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Kava Extract
Kava Extract

Kava Extract

You wanna feel good?  I mean, real good?  For hundreds of years, Pacific Islanders have turned to kava kava root as a mild sedative and "feel good" plant.  Many have even found it...
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Licorice Root Extract

Licorice Root Extract

The botanical name for licorice root (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is taken from the Greek words for "sweet root."  And sweet it surely is!  Not only for its yummy flavor profile, but it...

Lung Relief Cold/Dry

We all love a bit of comfort, especially when it comes to breathing easy.  This moistening and cooling tincture by Herbalist & Alchemist acts as a general tonic for the respiratory system...

Lung Relief Hot/Damp

Contains Japanese Honeysuckle flower, Ground Ivy herb, Pleurisy Root, Huang Qin root, and White Sage leaf. Promotes Healthy Respiratory Function*  * This statement has not been evaluated by the...

Lung Relief Hot/Dry

Are you lungs screaming for help?  Lung Relief comes to the rescue, as it supports healthy respiratory function.  It's full of potent herbs that know just what to do.  They work...

Marshmallow Extract

It'd be lovely if simply roasting marshmallows over a hot fire was enough to cure everything.  Sadly, it's not.  But the plant originally used to make those gooey white marshmallows is an...

Mullein Leaf Extract

Lung lovers unite.  Mullein leaf is one of the most common dusty-highway-dwelling plants and, not coincidentally, loves the lungs.  It supports healthy respiratory function.  In...
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Respiratory Calmpound

Calmness is a virtue, especially in times of distress.  Let Respiratory Calmpound offer you its gentle tonifying medicine.  The reishi mushroom, G. sinensis and G. lucidum, generously gives...
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Seven Precious Mushrooms

Mushrooms have been used to balance and support the body's immune system for thousands of years.  This tincture by Herbalist & Alchemist combines the supportive properties of Red Reishi...
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Tension Relief Extract

It's time to let go.  To allow the stress, anxiety, worry and fear melt away and dissolve itself into nothingness.  This fantastically crafted Tension Relief supports a calm mind.  It...
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Ultimate Echinacea Extract

Let the tingle begin!  You've heard the rumors: When it tingles, it's working.  This sparkly specimen of a plant will leave a taste on your tongue that you may never forget. ...
$14.25 - $26.00

AP Compound Extract

  Contains: Black walnut hulls (Juglans nigra), Elecampane root (Inula helenium), Long Pepper (Pippali) (Piper longum), Quassia wood (Picraena excelsa), Sweet Annie herb (Artemesia...

Bacopa Extract

This small creeping succulent with beautiful five-petaled white flowers is known as the herb of grace.  She has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to offer grace to those under stress, as she...

Black Walnut Hull Extract

Squirrels love those big walnuts that fall from the trees, and we do too.  If you've ever handled freshly fallen black walnuts, you know the green hulls can stain your skin a brownish green...
$13.75 - $25.25
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