Locally Good

Boreal Blueberry Vinegar

Locally made artisanal blueberry vinegar.

Locally Good Farm's small batch blueberry vinegar is created from local organic or no spray blueberries in season, and store bought wild boreal out of season.  The best quality fruit is selected, full of flavor, to create the smoothest and most flavorful vinegar you can imagine. No harsh bite here!  We first ferment the blueberries. Once the sugars have transformed to alcohol, we strain the fruit and do a second fermentation, or the acetic acid fermentation, turning it into vinegar.  This slow process takes 2 months, and then we age it a minimum of 2 more months to make the flavors even more smooth and complex. The vinegar is not just unpasteurized, but completely unheated! Most brands heat theirs up to a temperature close to pasteurization so it will last longer on the shelves (think dusty old bottle you've seen at the back of a small store). This heating process kills most of the mother, and reduces the healing properties immensely! You'll notice these other brands say "With Mother" on the bottle, but not "With LIVE Mother". Locally Good Farm's is 100% Raw, Unheated, and with Live Mother...the best of the best!

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