Farm to Table Asheville

Asheville is a foodie haven.

What do we mean by that? Think culinary hot-spot, think creative restaurants on every corner, think top chefs and fresh ingredients. Asheville caters quality food to every budget and every diet. Whether you are food restriction free, paleo, pescatarien, vegan,'ll have no problem eating at almost any restaurant in this funky town. Asheville know's how to meet customers where they are, then blow them away with flavorful delights. 


Photo from Sovereign Remedies

The difficulty comes with picking a place to eat. This has been referred to as option-paralysis by some; so many places to choose from... how to do decide?

We're here to help you out by highlight our favorite food spots that not only offer unique and satisfying experiences that also emphasize seasonal, local ingredients. 

Sovereign Remedies: Our next door neighbors offer herbal cocktails and excellent food from urban-sprouted seed, They offer late night bits too!

Buxton Hall: You can't go to the South without having BBQ! Buxton Hall offers local, pasture raised whole hog BBQ with a changing menu. Located in a unique historic building in Asheville blooming South Slope. Featured in Bon Appetit.

Table: An inventive "New American" menu with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients from local farms. In the heart of downtown with people watching windows.

Plant: Looking for a totally vegan experience that will blow your mind? Plant. Need is say more?

Homegrown: Image steeping into an Appalachian home and enjoying a lovingly made meal. That's Homegrown's vibe. Their motto sums it up "Slow Food Right Quick." Located just outside of downtown in North Asheville.

All Souls: This River Arts restaurant serves up wood-fired pizza and the freshest salads around. Expect nightly specials featuring local ingredients. Corn meal crust is a delightful GF option.

Cucina 24: Opened in 2008, Cucina 24 was serving elevated farm-to-table food before many others, and it shows! The menu melds real Italian traditions with ingredients found right here in the American South.  It's quite a treat!

Farm Burger: Looking for something fast and yummy? Farm Burger offers grass-fed burgers with counter service. Gluten-free buns and veggie burgers too!

Local Provisions: A new comer on the Asheville scene, but the name sums it up. Local food done right. They offer amazing pickled and fermented treats along with local meat options all tied up with southern cuisine charm.

Early Girl: If you're looking for breakfast served all day, this is the spot. Plus they have a lunch and diner menu for everyone else in your party. Expect biscuits and local jam on every table.

Night Bell: Upscale small-plates crafted by an award winning chef. Regional cheese plates and meals highlight seasonal ingredients. Treat yourself to this gem if you can!


That's just a few we can testify for! Want to recommend a spot? Please do so in the comments!

by Shop Staff

Favorite Hikes Around Asheville, NC

If you're new to Asheville or just here for a visit, choosing a hike among the hundred's offered in the Blue Ridge area can be daunting. So we've made a simple list of our employee favorites in ranking of easy to difficult. Find the links below!

*The least strenuous trail can be found at the Asheville Botanical Gardens. Enjoy a relaxing walk and plenty of native plants.

*Another easy trail and beautiful drive is just 30 minutes (plus another 20 up the mountain) from Asheville. Douglas Falls located in Barnardsville has the perk of an amazing drive up to the top of a mountain, with small waterfalls, scenic views, and a fresh spring water spot along the way.

*The favorite waterfall hike is in Old Fort, 40 minutes from downtown Asheville, but well worth the drive. A simple hike up to an amazing spectacle.

*If you loved the Hunger Games, check out Triple Falls, where they did some filming for the movie. There are a few trail options here, all wonderful and non too difficult.

*Max Patch is a well known destination to Asheville locals. Part of the Applachian Trail, from the top of this hike you can view 4 states! We suggest going around to the left or right of instead of straight to the peak.

*Graveyard Fields is a moderate hike, a bit longer than the previous mentioned hikes, but full of beautiful views and tons of blueberries!

*Craggy Pentacle is located off the Blue Ridge Parkway and a go-to for panoramic views of the mountains. We also consider this one for the moderate hiker.

*If you're looking for a challenge, Looking Class Rock trail has you covered. A favorite for rock climbers and steep trail seekers. Near by is also Looking Glass waterfalls, an easy and relaxing option.

*If you'd down for a bit of a drive, Grandfather Mountain 2 hours north of Asheville is well worth the time. Grandfather Mountain trail is a bit longer 3-5 hour hike to the top, where you have the option of an obstacle course. The trail is full of beautiful views and wondrous rocks. Plus Grandfather Mountain Park has a mile high swinging bridge and rescue zoo.

Craggy Gardens Pictured Above

by Shop Staff

Hypocras Potion

While lost in leisure somewhere in the Loire Valley, my Frenchman and I attempted to make this storied spiced wine for the turning of the year, armed with nothing but an old rudimentary recipe.

Herbal Hanukkah Recipe Ideas

This year the eight day Jewish celebration of Hanukkah takes place December 24th-January 1st.  That's eight days of candle lighting, love, merriment and food! Being an herbalist, I love to cook with herbs, and the holidays give me extra reason to get creative.

Here are some ideas; let your imagination run wild!

Herbal Infused Oils

You can't have Hanukkah without celebrating oils - why not spruce it up with herbs? Just a sprig of Rosemary or Pine, a piece of Orange Peel or a few seeds of Clove can really make a beautiful and tasty center piece. Try drizzling the oil over Latkes 

Add any of these to extra virgin olive oil and allow it to sit for 2 days or more:

Citrus Peels: Blood Orange, Naval Orange, Clementine, Lemon

Aromatic Herbs & Seeds: Coriander, Thyme, Sage, Clove, Star Anise, Fennel, Caraway

Make It Spicy: Ginger, Black Pepper, Chili Seeds, Sichuan Peppercorns, Garlic

Medicinal Mushrooms

Adding medicinal mushrooms to your meals is a great way to sneak in extra immune support during the winter.

Reishi: a sliver added during the last 20 minutes of your simmering broth

Maitake: These meaty tasting mushroom is perfectly paired with the holiday brisket. 

Lionsmane: There's a dense lightness to this fungi similar to Matzo Balls. Cut this interesting mushroom into cubes and add it to your Matzo ball soup. 

Shiitake: Chop this popular mushroom into chunks and toss into ANY gravy. 

Latke Topping

One way to make this inherently yummy potato cake even more delightful is toppings!

Applesauce: We all love cinnamon with apples, right? How about a pinch of Marshmallow root powder and Cardamom? The Marshmallow will add a bit of thickness to the sauce while helping you maintain moisture during this dry time of year while the Cardamon will warm you from the inside and help your food get digested better. 

Herbal Cream Cheese: Go wild with this one! You can reach for the typical chives and garlic, or make a trip to your apothecary for some Turmeric. Just a little Turmeric powder will lend a yellow color, and a pinch of Black Pepper will make it's healing goodness more absorbable. Turn this topping fuchsia by blending with dried Hibiscus, letting it set overnight, and giving it one more turn before serving. Balance the taste with a drizzle of honey. Looking for a green hue? Try Spirulina and a bit of chopped Mint leaves. 


This pastry is a classic, but that doesn't mean you can't add an herbal twist! A filling of Chocolate, Chaga and Elderberries is sure to brighten any herbal lover's day, immune power and mood boost in one! It's as simple as making a strong Chaga tea, pouring it in a saucepan full of dried Elderberries until the berries are barely covered, and simmering until you have a paste. Next, mash, and add a bit of Cacao powder and honey to taste. Brush this mix over your dough and roll. 


If you enjoy creating homemade chocolate Gelt, sprinkle these medicinals on top while they are cooling for a bit of confetti effect:

Rose petals, Calendula petals, dried Rosehip pieces, raw Cacao nibs, candied Ginger, dried Hibiscus calyx, Chamomile flowers, Fennel Seeds, Orange zest, Moringa powder. 


It's hard to go wrong with jelly filled doughnuts. Try blending adaptogen powders into the jelly before the doughs are filled. I love Eleuthero, Maca and Ashwagandha mixed with Tart Cherry or Blueberry. These days Elderberry Jelly is commonly found at natural grocers, and pairs great with Licorice powder and Cinnamon. 

Let us know if you give any of these ideas a go!



by Shop Staff

Set an Herbal Table This Holiday Season

'Tis a simple and lovely thing to magnify the joys of your holiday table with herbs, especially at this time of seasonal scents and gift-giving.

Downtown Asheville Shop Celebrates 2 Years!

This past weekend our Downtown Asheville shop celebrated two years!

We teamed up with our farm-to-table neighbors, Sovereign Remedies, shut down Walnut St., and threw a festive street party. Live bands, fun games, herbal iced tea, local BBQ and NC oysters...Sovereign even had "adult slushies" and herbal cocktails.

Proceeds raised benefited Bountiful Cities, a local organization working to educate and establish sustainable agriculture skills in an urban environment.

Herbiary ladies slinging Herbiscus iced tea and holding down the greeting table.

Emily and Kathy have been with the Asheville shop from the start. 



Local Pork BBQ & NC oysters. 


One of our customers was part of the second band to play music. 

Look at this turn-out!

Maia, owner of Herbiary, with Sovereign Remedies founder Charlie showing off the menu.






Herbiary ladies enjoying the music.


We took over the street, only people and pups allowed!

Andrew, owner of Herbiary, in the dunk tank as Kathy takes her throw!


Big thanks to everyone who came out and has supported us along this journey! 

by Shop Staff

Autumn Harvest

Here in Asheville, the leaves are slowly starting to show visions of a golden Fall. Autumn is just two days away, and for all the wild-crafters and herb-harvesters out there this means it's root season! 

Fall is the perfect time to harvest medicinal roots. The plant's energy is going inward to prepare for a winter hibernation; storing extra sustenance in their roots. 

Here is an article we love from Urban Moonshine on growing and harvesting herbs.

by Shop Staff

Asheville Farmers Markets

We're spoiled with fresh produce and local goods in Asheville. You can find a farmers market almost everyday packed full of local growers and crafters, making seasonal eating a piece-of-cake! Also, it helps to keep our environmental impact small and regional economy strong. 


Even if you're not looking to take home baskets of produce, visiting a farmers market is a great taste of what Asheville is all about. Here is a list of markets around town:


*North Asheville Tailgate Market, Saturdays 8am-12pm, April - Nov

UNC - Asheville Campus, 3300 University Heights

Large market that's a few decades strong! Under shade on the UNCA campus.


*Asheville City Market South, Wednesdays 12-4pm, April - Oct.

Town Square Boulevard, Biltmore Park Esplanade


*East Asheville Tailgate Market, Fridays, 3:00-6:00pm. May-September.

954 Tunnel Road, Asheville, NC 28805


*Oakley Farmers Market, Thursdays, 3:30-6:30pm. May-September

607 Fairview Road, Asheville, NC 28803


*River Arts District Farmers Market, Wednesdays, 2:00-6:00pm.

175 Clingman Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801


*West Asheville Tailgate Market, Tuesdays, 3:30-6:30pm. April-November

718 Haywood Road, Asheville, NC 28806


by Andrew Celwyn

Essential Oil & Hydrosol Info, Tips, Tricks and Recipes

We thought to share a few favorite information pages and recipes. Become your own herbal mastermind and craft-hero! 


Want to know more about essential oils? Here is a link with information from Veriditas offering use guidelines, safety and recipes:

Chemistry and useful guidelines from Melissa of Veriditas








Get personal with Maia Toll. Follow the link below to learn the where and why of century old essential oil blends and Maia's personal recipes:

7 Oils, 3 Recipes, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree


Find a comprehensive list of quick essential oil recipes here:

Quick reference recipes from Organic Infusions.


Want to learn more about hydrosols? Follow the link below to discovery what a hydrosol is and how to use them:

What is a hydrosol and ways to use them




by Shop Staff

Farm-to-Table at Sovereign Remedies

Here is our second Green Girls Guide post to help you find the Herbiary employee's top recommended places while in Asheville or Philadelphia.

This is Ash posting again; I couldn't pass along the torch without mentioning our Asheville neighbor and favorite farm-to-table restaurant and bar - Sovereign Remedies.


Sovereign Remedies is right next door to our Asheville shop on the corner of N Market and Walnut Street. Not only do we absolutely love the food and drinks, but the people who make this place happen are all amazing and friendly.

This trendy spot sources much of their ingredients locally, making it what's known as a farm-to-table restaurant. Not only does this mean the food is fresh and seasonal, but it's great for the local economy. 

It's hard to pick a favorite here. I've yet to have anything that didn't hit my tongue and overwhelm my senses with sheer taste amazement. My first few experiences were from their selection of herbal cocktails, but since they've recently opened for the lunch crowd I've had the chance to try some of their creative plates. I'm a sucker for the Vinegar & Salt Root Chips with Jalapeño Avocado dipping sauce. Fitting in a yummy lunch is no problem with their selection of sandwiches that are available to eat-in or take away. However, I'm a big fan of their fresh salads, especially when packed with local potatoes like the Nicoise Salad.

I can't forget to mention that Sovereign Remedies uses herbs from our store to create a large section of craft herbal cocktails and teas. We now sell a tea blend crafted especially for their menu as a cooling iced tea called Herbiscus.

Above is one of their latest additions to the adult drink selection called "Despite the Weather." The hibiscus and lemon make it a perfect option for chilling out during the July heat.

You can find Sovereign Remedies at THIS website or in-person at 29 N Market Street, Asheville, NC 28801

And the best part....this little local fare joint is open 365 days a year, 11am-2am with indoor and outdoor seating.

by Andrew Celwyn