The Nose Knows!


The Nose Knows!

Posted by Andrew Celwyn, Jun 19th 2018
The Nose Knows!

Andrew's favorite Herbiary product!

This is Andrew, the other half of the Herbiary team. Maia asked me to jump in this month to introduce you to a favorite product of mine called Sinus Rejuvenation Oil. She travels with it and carries it in her bag not only to clear her sinuses but to clear her mind. I, on the other hand, use it to remedy a long term addiction to tissues.

When Maia and I met, she thought I never took out the trash. Every possible receptacle was full of tissues.

I've suffered from both seasonal allergies as well as food allergies for most of my life. It got so bad that I had to have two sinus surgeries to remove polyps growing in my nose. The doctors promised surgeries every couple of years moving forward, which woke me up to looking for alternatives. I've tried a number of things, so you might say I have a nose for finding the best nasal products!

The Sinus Rejuvenation Oil from Baraka has been on our store shelves as well as in my medicine cabinet for many years. It's the best formula I've found for helping reduce and relieve chronic sinus issues. Just dab a bit on your fingertip and apply beneath your nose several times per day for a few weeks. While it may sound like a lot of work, the results are worth it. The bottle is small enough to fit in your pocket and each vial gives you about a 2 month supply for daily use.

Sinus Rejuvenation Oil works two ways. It's short-term relief when you're feeling congested and will give you a quick hit of ahhhhhhh. But the real magic lies in long-term, consistent use. Gear up for seasonal allergies by dabbing it under your nose for a few weeks before allergy season begins. The essential oils build up in your system and help to reduce your histamine reaction to the things you're allergic to (pollen, dust, etc.). If you have generic sinus congestion, commit to using it for a few months... 

... It's the difference between making a monthly run to buy tissues in bulk or going through one to two boxes a year.

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