Sexy Like Cleopatra

Sexy’s never really interested me… unless it's sexy like Cleopatra.

(You’re about to enter Maia-mind: I’m not claiming any of this is historically accurate… but maybe it is, or maybe it should be).

I picture Cleo in gold against a lapis lazuli sky. She doesn’t smile seductively. She doesn’t have to; the people love her.

They flock to her. Her smile is queenly—sovereign over not only her people but herself.

And she is sensual: she adores dates, sweet on her tongue, and nubby silks in vibrant hues. It’s these pleasures, these luxuries (attar of roses, and kohl for her eyes, palm fronds woven into tiny baskets to store hammered gold rings studded with claret-colored garnets) that balance the work of running a nation, the discipline of mastering herself.

This image of Cleopatra was ignited when Andrew brought home Moroccan Lip Stain: small terra-cotta bowls coated in dried pomegranate and crushed poppy petals. Check out the video below.

Add a little water and BOOM—You, too, are sexy like Cleopatra.

If you’re wanting to feel like a queen, buy yours here.

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