Love It or Loath It?


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Love It or Loath It?

Yup, it’s that time of year again….

….naked baby cupids (who thought that was a good idea?), candy hearts, and thornless roses. Gag.

The origins of Valentine’s Day are an overly perfumed enigma. Some say it grew out of Lupercalia, an ancient Roman festival where young men ran around in thongs made from the hides of newly sacrificed goats (‘cause that’s sexy). While it’s named after a triad of Christian martyrs (who were anything but romantic), the most likely source of our modern day Valentine’s rituals is a line from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales about birds mating during the Feast of St. Valentine. Amongst the European nobility, this one poetic verse kicked off the tradition of sending love notes in February. Which is a fun reframe, right? Forget the roses and instead use words to craft gem-like confections (maybe handwritten?) for those you love.

But if gifting is part of your Valentine’s Day traditions, we’ve got you covered. Remember, love comes in many forms: use this holiday to celebrate your love for your best friend, or mother-in-law, or (gasp) YOURSELF!

Despite begin overplayed, roses are the perfect place to begin. Honestly? I used to hate roses. Not just dislike them, I loathed them. When my parents gave me a dozen long-stems for college graduation I scoffed at their inbred perfection. But Rose in her natural state is a wonder of soft petals, steely thorns, and intoxicating scent. She is generous, prolific, and poetic… but that doesn't mean she won't make you bleed. So skip the long-stems and consider a different way to do roses.

Rose Redux

Carry the smell of roses with you all day by wearing Amber Rose Perfume Oil. Or perhaps you'd rather give your face a spritz smelling of rose’s freshest blooms? Try this Rose Otto Hydrosol. Have an essential oil diffuser? Pick up the sultry smelling Rose Otto Essential Oil.

Lavish & Lush

Woo your special someone with this fun Lover's Sampler Kit! A little jar of Kissing Balm will get your intentions across. Follow tradition and add an old world flair by gifting a pouch of dried Red Rose Petals for tea or potpourri.

The Gift of Beauty, Ritual, & Reflection

The Illustrated Herbiary gifts your love with connection, not just to roses, but to the flowers, herbs, and trees (plus it might inspire their next oh-so-sexy tattoo!). Grab The Illustrated Herbiary companion kit to turn your gift from bookish to scent-sational.

Two for the Price of One!

Make your own herbal gifts and craft your own teas! Buy yourself (and your friend so you can learn together!) The Kitchen Witch's Workshop: an online self-study course created to help you learn how to learn about herbs and teach you the basic skills of crafting herbal products so you can make your own Valentine's Day gifts for years to come.

Herbiary has no shortage of other smell-good, feel-good products to please your senses. Be sure to order early enough for delivery on Valentine’s Day.

Big Hugs

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