Give the Gift of Magic this Season

I love walking into Herbiary.

Okay, most days I love walking into Herbiary. Yesterday I cruised in as the team was unpacking a shipment of valerian root. Can you say gym socks with a side of horse urine? Whew! That's some crazy stench!

Seriously though, most days walking into Herbiary is a slice of calm, a bit of rejuvenation. My whole nervous system unwinds when I take my first deep breath of the mingled scents of, literally, hundreds of plants.

When I opened the first Herbiary (then called The Apothecary Garden) a dozen years ago, I never dreamed it would become 2 brick-and-mortar stores plus an online shop.

It never occurred to me I’d employ over a dozen people. And while I worked hard to make it so, I couldn’t have predicted that my little counter-culture store would become trendy (a newspaper reporter called us trendy! Isn’t that just hilarious?).

Herbiary is my place to gather my favorite things so I can share them with you. Because I want you to fall in love with the green world: its scents and colors and soothing vibration.

So I've put together a gift guide to help you choose things for yourself and the special people in your life. Gorgeous things gathered from around the world and right close to home. Things that will delight your senses and bring joy to your holiday giving.

Because Herbiary carries Medicine not just for the body but also for the spirit; choose gifts that give you joy.

As I turn my thoughts toward gratitude and thanks, know that I (and the entire Herbiary team) are grateful to you. Thank you for your support, encouragement, and delight in what we do.

And without further ado, here's Herbiary's 2018 Gift Guide: 

Magical Natural World

The Illustrated Herbiary been called "the closest thing to magic in book form that I have ever seen" by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, "one of the most delightful and original herbals written" by Rosemary Gladstar, and Mugglenet says it "tells a story about the world around you, the beauty of nature, and how you can find that same beauty inside yourself."

Maia Toll's new book will delight the herbalists, nature lovers, magic seekers, journal keepers, and Harry Potter fans on your holiday list.

Order multiple copies to gift to all the special people in your life and get a discount... the more you order, the more you save!

Maia's also created a companion kit to go along with The Illustrated Herbiary for you to experience a few of the herbs in a magical way. The book with this kit are the perfect combo for a beginning dabblist or your more advanced plant worshipper.

There's a Witch in the Family

First year at Hogwarts? Give them a trip down Diagon Alley (owl not included!).

Create your own Witchy Bundle beginning with a Deep Magic journal, quartz crystal, We'Moon Datebook, and sage bundle then adding your choice of oracle cards, a smudge fan, an abalone shell, and/or a sweetgrass or cedar smudge! This personalized bundle gives you the opportunity to craft your own magic for that special witch or wizard in your life. 

Gift an Experience!

Have someone who'd love an online course to guide them in their journey of the mystic and magical? We've got just the thing! 

Witch Camp!

All you need is their email address and you can give the gift of Witch Camp, a 23 day immersion into the history, power, and practice of Witch.

Wait, you might be thinking, I thought Witch Camp happened in October?

And you would be correct! But early witch sign-up (and early witch pricing) is happening right now.

Want to make sure your gift if also immediately accessible? Grab the special concoction called Witch's Brew which combines Witch Camp 2019 with the self-study program The Kitchen Witch's Workshop where they'll learn about herbs and the many ways to work with them. This is a beginner's course that they can start right now and work through at their own pace!

Witch Camp and The Kitchen Witch's Workshop can be bought separately or together, are completely online, and you only need the person's email address to sign them up.

Want a fun way to tell them with a tangible gift to give? Grab them a Witch Camp t-shirt. Can’t you just see your card? Surprise! You’re going to Witch Camp!

Starting with T

Got that family member or friend who's always talking about wanting to brew things up in the kitchen? Craft them a special beginner's bundle!

We suggest grabbing 20,000 Secrets of Tea to get them started exploring the world of teas and tisanes, then add this Tea Strainer & Dish Set or Urban Tea Tumbler with a few loose herb tea blends to try such as AsleepAwake, & Cold Spell Tea (or find your favorite in the Blended Teas section).

Into a different kind of drink mix? Grab a copy of DIY Bitters and some Original or Citrus Bitters to experiment with. Then have them mix you a bitters cocktail, because you need a break after all this holiday shopping!

Eco-Friendly Pampering

Want a little luxury for that special someone? Try this Frankincense & Argan Skincare Kit or a Riot of Roses Cream. Don't worry, we've got the men covered too with this Woodsman Beard Oil.

A few other fun gifts of pampering include our fan favorite Moroccan Lip Stain, this Citrus Harvest perfume (which I love), or this delightful Rose Hydrosol spray.

Stocking Stuffers Under $10!

Wow! Now all you have left are some stockings to stuff and gifts to finish off! Here are a few of our favorite gifts under $10: Scented Shea ButterLavender CandleStress Away SticksTea InfusersSet of 4 quartz points, and a Smudge bundle (read a special story about our efforts to save White Sage from becoming endangered HERE).

Wishing you a wondrous holiday season. Ultimately this season is about joy and connection: with yourself, with those you love, and with the magical world around you. It's not about stuff... unless the stuff helps you step into joyful connection.

Big Hugs

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