Black Assam Loose Leaf tea


Assam Tea from the Banaspathy Estate

Origin: India

Certified Organic

This GBOP leaf from Banaspathy Estate is more robust and heartier than the FOP grade. Possessing all the characteristics of tea grown in this region, Assam, which is also traditional Irish breakfast tea, happily takes a drop or two of milk yet stands firm on its own.

4oz makes around 50 cups, 1 pound will make 50 cups for you + 3 friends!

About Serendipi-Tea: All retail packaging components are manufactured in the USA. The box is made from post-consumer-recycled Kraft; the sealed inner bag is sustainably sourced compostable plant-derived material (Nature Flex), labels are made from recycled content with water-soluble inks. All handling, blending, packing is done by hand on-site at SerendipiTea.

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