Birch Bark


Birch Bark (Betula lenta)

In late winter, just before the first spring ephemerals pop up to greet the year, birch trees run wet and wild with the sweet nectar of wintergreen which can be tapped and boiled to make a syrup akin to maple. Mother birches can be identified by this sweet spearmint smell, as well as by their characteristic lines, lenticels, which distinguish them from others in the forest. This tender tree is not to be taken lightly, though. Birch, please! Her astringent pucker (hello, tannins) makes her just as much a fierce fighter as she can be cool, calm, and collected.

Looking for more info? These herbs work so well that if we told you about them we couldn’t sell them to you (seriously, US laws are that crazy: we can teach or we can sell but not both!). Luckily Grandmother Google knows all.

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