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Beyond the Veil


As we approach Samhain, the veil is thinning. Our ethereal perceptions are growing sharper and the ancestors are tugging on our senses. What wisdom can be gleaned from tuning into their voices? What mysteries lie beneath the hollow hills and beyond the misty veil? In this auspicious time of year, things that have been lurking at the edge of our consciousness bring themselves into our field of awareness. We are reminded now that the boundaries of our earthly selves stretch well below the surface where our collective roots intertwine in the dark, rich humus of those who came before. 

Beyond the Veil is formulated with plants that drop you into deep intuition, sharpen senses, and open pathways of communication.

+Heavy on the rosemary because it helps us to remember the ancestors and increases blood flow to and from the head. 

+Pomegranate jewels as a nod to Persephone and her descent into the underworld where she stays every winter until she re-emerges in springtime. 

+Apples are associated with immortality and the undying lands of Avalon in Celtic lore, and is one of the sacred trees in the Ogham alphabet. 

+Queen of the Night flower essence- if you desire the privilege of witnessing her beauty and intoxicating scent, you have to be willing to sit patiently in darkness, for she blooms but one night a year. This essence was made under a waning crescent moon, works with balancing yin energy, tapping into deep intuitions, and has wise crone energy. 

+Black cohosh to integrate all your levels of perception, from your deep, entangled root to your starry crown. 

+Rose and rose hips for the forbidden rose that Janet picks from the woods of Carterhaugh which sparks her affair with Tam Lin. Janet’s bravery and steadfastness is rewarded when she rescues her lover from the service of the angry Fairy Queen on Hallowe’en night.

+Sage because it is synonymous with wisdom, and I think of sage as healing to our throats, which is the seat of our voice. Our throats are also the bridge between heart and head, giving voice to what passes between. 

+Elderflower for the wise woman (Frau Holle, Hylde Mor, the Elder Mother) who dwells in the elder tree. She can escort you to and from dreamworld and show you things yet unseen about your life. She is also a portal to the world of fae. Taken medicinally, she "opens the tubes of the body", and drives things to the surface that have taken root deep within. I believe this also speaks to her energetic medicine.

All of these herbs and fruits are macerated in preservative-free brandy and sweetened with local Pennsylvania honey.




rosemary, pomegranate, apple, queen of the night flower essence, black cohosh, rose, sage, elderflower, alcohol, honey, magic, shadow, story

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