Bergamot EO 5 ml



Citrus aurantium bergamia
Origin: Italy
Size: 5ml

Bergamot is a small to medium-sized tree with rich green leaves and beautiful white flowers. It produces a wrinkled green citrus fruit, the peel of which is cold-pressed to produce one of the best smelling essential oils. These beautiful Mediterranean trees are found across Italy, and their fruits are used in the production of foods, teas, herbal medicines and essential oils.

Bergamot is best known for its bright, complex citrus aroma with subtle spicy-sweet notes. The sunny scent is often used in perfumes and body care products. Bergamot is calming and may support relaxation, balanced emotions and sleep. As the oil is somewhat photosensitive, do not apply to the skin before direct sun exposure.

When diffused in the home, Bergamot provides a lovely, uplifting scent. Bergamot can support calm and relaxation during the day, and, in the evening, can promote a good night’s sleep. For digestive support, rub diluted Bergamot onto the belly or consume a single drop in a teaspoon of honey. Bergamot can also be used in household cleaners and in muscle and joint salves/massage oils.

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