Winter Candle Rituals


Winter Candle Rituals

Posted by Herbiary, Jan 14th 2022
Winter Candle Rituals

Winter and the dark months of the year have been a time of ritual for centuries. 

Winter is symbolic of rebirth and renewal. This may feel counterintuitive at first, but winter is the time for the Earth to go inward, before the growth cycle begins again in the spring.

There are many different ways to honor the dark time of the year. Candlelight in the evening, from a practical perspective, can be softer on your body and its rhythms than screens or lightbulbs. Candles can also be a way to make your home smell good and create a sensuous ambience while you’re spending more time at home.

Lighting a candle in your window, on your desk while you work, or in a sacred space can help shed light, cast shadows, and give a warm glow to this dark part of the year.

Candles can be the perfect way to work with intention setting, for relaxation, or even just for improving your mood.

As we move through winter in the Northern Hemisphere, how are you working with this moment of rebirth and connectivity to the earth? We have a few ideas.

A Candle for Protection

Protection is a traditional theme around this time of year. History and folklore tells us that things such as mistletoe were put on doors and windows during Yule and throughout the winter to keep evil spirits out. Have any evil or negativity you need to handle?

What better way to protect yourself than with one of our stunning new protection candles.

Do you need a little protection as the darkest nights of winter are upon us? Or maybe you know a friend who could use a bit of help getting rid of some negative energy that’s swirling around right now.

Our protection candle is scented with Thyme, Clove, and Black Tourmaline. It’s crafted exclusively for us in collaboration with the brilliant and magical Sarah Reid. Strike a match, take a deep breath, and find the sense of safety you need.

Protection Ritual

As you light this candle, imagine yourself surrounded by soft, glowing, protective light. The magic of Thyme is in bolstering courage and Clove is used for good luck and to ward off gossip. Black Tourmaline is celebrated as a stone to banish negative energies.

A Candle for Serenity & Inner Peace

If Protection isn’t your intention, perhaps seeking Serenity & Inner Peace amongst the madness is where your focus lies. Like the intention of protection, this is a potent time to look inward, get grounded, and look ahead toward brighter days.

Our Serenity & Inner Peace Candle is scented with Lavender, Bergamot Mint, and Amethyst. It’s crafted exclusively for Herbiary in collaboration with the brilliant and magical Sarah Reid. Strike a match, take a deep breath, and feel the stillness and calm.

Serenity & Inner Peace Ritual

After you light your candle, observe the flame, allowing yourself to slip into a meditative state. Lavender is soothing even in the most stressful situation, Bergamot Mint calls in clear-headed calm, and Amethyst opens your heart while grounding your spirit.

We’re also excited to share our New Moon and Full Moon Candles that can assist you in working with the different phases of the moon over the course of the month.

Explore Herbiary’s new candles for an enhanced winter experience now.


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