Wild Wisdom Oracle Card (or Tarot) Spread


Wild Wisdom Oracle Card (or Tarot) Spread

Posted by Herbiary, Mar 5th 2021
Wild Wisdom Oracle Card (or Tarot) Spread

Whether you're new to oracle cards or an ol' pro, we’ve got a card spread from The Illustrated Bestiary by Herbiary's founder, Maia Toll, that will offer direction and clarity. This particular spread not only celebrates the release of The Illustrated Bestiary Collectible Box Set, but more importantly, offers incredibly clear guidance you might like whether you're transitioning into a new season of growth, celebrating a solstice, or just looking for a bit of direction.

If you’re new to the Bestiary oracle deck, take a few minutes getting acquainted:

Allow your eyes and your mind to wander as you look at the pictures on the cards. Gently notice which images and colors catch your eye without forming attachments.

If you’re familiar with using smoke to clear energy, use ethically sourced sagecedar, or sweetgrass to clear your cards and set an intention for their use. Think of it as the beginning of a relationship; open your heart and introduce yourself.

Now take some time to get acquainted with the guide book:

As you read through the Bestiary, you’ll notice each animal holds a spectrum of energy.

For instance, Cat speaks to us of self-worth. How you think about yourself has implications for how you will read this card. You may or may not have a sense of your own worth. Pulling the Cat card tells you to focus on your self-worth, and think about your relationship to this aspect of your psyche. Pulling the Cat card may indicate that your sense of self-worth is out of balance, one way or the other, or that you’re coming into a time period when your sense of self-worth will be challenged. Always keep in mind the full range of each animal’s medicine.

Call in Guidance

Animal medicine can be called in for guidance on a particular situation or, more broadly, to guide you through a period of your life. We used this spread to ask for guidance as we transitioned into a seasonal cycle of outward growth and abundance. 

When you're ready, calm your breath and quiet your thoughts. Take the Bestiary cards in your hands. Allow a simple question to float up in your mind. Your question might be What do I need to focus on as I move forward? or What animal wants to be my guide through this coming season?

Imagine sending that question down your arms and into the cards. When you feel ready, you will draw two cards, one with your left hand and one with your right.

The animal on your left is showing up to guide your inward journey.

This might include emotional explorations, dreamwork, and journeywork.

The animal on your right is showing up to guide your outward work: how you move through the physical world.

This may include how you behave in your relationships with others, your work (whether for pay or not), travel, how you care for your family, and how you tend to your spaces. Call on this animal to serve as a guide as you go about your everyday life.

You can ask these animal archetypes to meet you in dreamtime or during a meditative journey to offer you additional guidance.

These animals are committing their support to you. What will you commit in return?

This commitment might be expressed internally— a thank-you before bed each night, for instance— or externally. External expressions of gratitude might be an altar you tend or donating to a charity that supports your animal in the physical world.

And remember: each oracle card reading reflects what you need to know in the present moment. Change is constant— there is not one reading that lasts forever. As new questions emerge, it will be time for a new reading. 

Use your cards to have an ongoing dialogue, deepening of your relationship with yourself and the world around you.

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