Tips for Building Your Immune System


Tips for Building Your Immune System

Posted by Herbiary, Mar 24th 2020
Tips for Building Your Immune System

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Whether you’ve been working with herbs forever or are new to thinking of plants as wellness allies, this post will help you find what you need to support your self-care.

Herbs are food for your body. 

They can support both your systems and your spirit. Additionally, they can be powerful friends. BUT like friends, they each have their own personality, and you aren’t going to learn them all over night. Luckily there are people who have been working with herbs for years. If you need deeper knowledge than you have time or desire to accumulate, you can find a list of consulting herbalists: here.

Now on to our very best suggestions!

1) Support your immune system so it’s ready to fight the good fight (if need be!). Some of our favorite herbs to support the immune system are astragalus, elderberry, echinacea, and any and all of the vast array of mushrooms (reishi, cordyceps, chaga… to name just a few!). Elderberry & Mushroom Immune Support Potion and Elderberry & Honey Tonic both combine many of these herbs in one formula.

2) Make antimicrobial foods a part of your everyday diet. Raw garlic is a great choice and pesto is a yummy way to eat it. You can get both the mushrooms (mentioned above) and garlic in Pure Fire Tonic.

3) Take care of your mucous membranes! The respiratory system begins in your nose. Make sure those mucous membranes are plump and pliable so they can do their best work. Most important for this: stay hydrated. And if your nose is dry, use an oil to keep it healthy; if you're prone to stuffiness, try a sinus rejuvenation oil. Finally, you can keep your sinuses clean by using a neti pot. While not completely comfortable (okay, it feels like an elephant is sticking its trunk up your nose), using a neti pot is fabulous for flushing your mucous membranes.

4) The next set of mucous membranes to care for are the ones in your throat. Did I mention staying hydrated?? If this is tough for you, you can add Nunn tablets to your water (we don’t carry them but green grocers do!). If you're in crowds, protect your throat with a throat spray. Gargling is also a great tool. Simply use warm salt water or you can make a strong thyme or licorice root tea (try Herbiary's In-flu-ential tea with thyme or Dote on Your Throat tea with licorice root).

5) If you add one vitamin make it vitamin D3. Almost all Americans are deficient and it’s an important supplement for keeping your immune system primed. Since vitamin D usually comes from the sun, we love getting it topically. PatchMDs vitamin D patches are an easy way to go. If you want to take two supplements, add vitamin C.

6) Finally, stress and worry take a toll on your immune system. Ease your stress by taking care of yourself. Rest when you need to rest, give your body good and nourishing foods, and perhaps take a little time to unwind in a hot bath.

Here at Herbiary, we have decades of combined experience studying and working with herbs and essential oils. We are always excited when science “proves” an herb does exactly what folklore teaches, and we know from personal experience that in many situations plants can provide exactly what our human bodies need. However, there is no herb that replaces a ventilator. Please pay attention to your body and know when to ask for medical help.

Be smart. Be safe. Be well.


The Herbiary Team

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