Protecting White Sage Together!


Protecting White Sage Together!

Posted by Herbiary, Oct 30th 2018
Protecting White Sage Together!

We love our White Sage...

We often have people come to our shops to purchase White Sage for the happiest events in their lives. Whether it’s a wedding, a new house, or some other moment to be remembered, it’s a way to cleanse and start anew. It's also used for removing bad energy and clearing out what you want to leave behind.

Earlier this year, United Plant Savers placed White Sage on its “To Watch” list of species-at-risk. While we've always searched for trusted and sustainable sources for well known “At Risk” herbs such as Ginseng, Goldenseal, and Osha, both Maia and one of our staff members mentioned that we should be checking our White Sage as well.

Huh. Why hadn’t I thought of that?!

While I’ve been spending time at various conferences and meetings searching for locally grown herbs we can purchase directly from farmers, why hadn’t I made more of an effort to get White Sage directly from farmers? Obviously that needed to change.

We've been so pleased to offer “Farm Direct” herbs from Pangea Plants, Our Friendly Allies, Barefoot Botanicals, and Foster Farms. I’m happy to announce that Sage Winds Farm is our newest “Farm Direct” partner! All of our White Sage comes from them now. They're USDA and California Certified Organic Farmers. All of their White Sage is grown and produced organically and sustainably. Most importantly, by buying from a grower you're part of the effort to keep White Sage from becoming endangered in the wild.

Not only do we want you to enjoy the lovely organic and sustainable sage from them, we want you to ONLY use sustainably grown sage and nothing else.

As always we strive to bring you the finest sustainable products that nurture the people who nurture our planet. Thanks for helping us to protect the green world.

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