Herbiary Holiday Gifts Made Easy!


Herbiary Holiday Gifts Made Easy!

Posted by Herbiary, Nov 25th 2020
Herbiary Holiday Gifts Made Easy!

Its tradition to brighten the year’s darkest nights with the joy of both giving and receiving tokens of love and appreciation.

We need the joy more than ever this year (‘cause it’s been a doozy!), so let’s spread a little cheer!

We've put together kits with options for you to create the perfect gift for yourself or someone you love this holiday season. Check them out below. When you click on the link to go shopping, you’ll see the contents of the kit with a few additional choices in two of these kits (fun, right?).

Need it looking beautiful and gifty? We’ve got you covered: sending gorgeous packages is our specialty.

Kitchen Magic Kit

Ready to perform some culinary magic?

Just put this whole kit in your cart: we’ve already hand-picked our favorites from Herbiary's new pantry line and created a booklet full of simple, yet delicious recipes to go with it! You can’t go wrong with the Kitchencraft Kit.

Want to Design Your Own Kitchen Magic? Choose from amongst our sugars, syrups, and spices and we’ll package it up pretty!


Comfort Kit

The gift of comfort is the sweetest treat. Candles to create a tranquil setting, soothing spa eye pillow, and a cup of Five Flower Honeybush tea to sip while perusing The Illustrated Crystallary.

And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to disappear into a peaceful bubble with a hot cup of tea, an inspiring book, and a calming bath during the busy holiday season? This care package is sure to calm even the most high strung person on your list.


Winter Wellness Kit

The winter months (especially the holidays!) have a tendency to take their toll on health (too much eggnog, anyone?). If you want to give the gift of wellness, we’ve got you covered from elderberry and honey tonic (delicious added to club soda for a fizzy drink loaded with antioxidants. Who says being healthy has to taste bad?) to our Reishi Hot Chocolate to warm you up on cold nights.

Herbiary's Hand Wash to keep the germs away, and a skin salve for those dry months. Choose from cold spell tea, dote on your throat tea, or in-fluential tea to complete your winter apothecary!


Game Night Kit

The Illustrated Bestiary puzzle is the perfect place to start for a game night. Those butterflies are going to take a keen eye, even for the most skilled puzzle practitioner! Then deal a hand of go fish, black jack, or poker using a fun deck of Little Feminist playing cards.

And because no family fun night would be complete without snacks, grab some roasted mushroom & garlic sea salt to sprinkle over some freshly popped popcorn and mix up a cocktail using Herbiary's rosemary botanical syrup (recipe when you click the buy now button below).


We hope you had as much fun as we did crafting your own kit at Herbiary for your loved ones. But honestly, if you’d just rather let someone else do the shopping for you? Gift yourself a little easy this holiday season:

Big Love boxes come in three sizes... you order the size, and we put all our favorite things into a surprise box full of love, comfort, and joy!

Big Love Box


Have a safe and healthy and very happy holiday season.


Maia & the Herbiary Team

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