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Anointing Oil, The Mermaid



divine independence | divine weird-o

Aroma: green and weird, with notes of brine, fluidity and magic.

Use it for:

  • integrating your full self, especially your divine wierd-o
  • bravery
  • distinguishing co-dependence from independence.

Anoint: tail or gills or wherever feels right.

Also known as The Dark Maiden, The Young Shaman, Autumn Persephone, She Who Dives Deep, The Adolescent, Menarche, The Siren, The Scorpio/Sagittarius, Independence, and others…

Components: organic Jojoba oil, essential oils including Clary Sage.


The Perfume vial may come with either a roller aplicator or glass wand. Please state in the comments which one you prefer!

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